This project started along with my 3rd year at Bosco Tech. It was one of the first things assigned in my tech class, IDEA, (Integrated Design, Engineering, and Art) that school year and I was quite excited to get back to it. This was a relatively small but productive team project. The assignment was to recreate an existing robot part from the prior season’s FRC robot in CAD then in real life if given enough time. After that, the group was to make an improved version in CAD then manufacture that as well.

I don’t remember who was in my group but that doesn’t matter because I ended up doing all of the work myself (actually had points taken off for doing too much of the group work). Anyways, our group was given the carriage assembly to work on. In short, I replicated it in cad, 3D printed it, replicated a different one in CAD, manufactured it in the machine shop and also 3D printed it!

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