In my 2nd year of high school at Bosco Tech an architecture project was assigned in my tech class. The objective was to go through the process of designing a house from start to finish (reference pictures -> increasingly refined sketches -> SketchUp 3D Model).

Each of us got to choose what architectural style to go with (I chose Craftsman Architecture) and in the end the house needed to complete a series of requirements. I believe I was the only one who met every single one of them. My instructor also said my house was the most realistic (in looks and function) out of all the others in the class. Note: I likely also put in the most time designing my house as I had worked on it outside of the daily hour and a half class.

This was one of the first times I had effectively designed something on my own. I was impressed with myself and wanted to do more. I was interested in the engineering field prior to this project but my interest had never been spiked like this before. From this project on I tried to do my best to excel in my tech class (Integrated Design, Engineering, and Art) whenever something of interest came along. Below you can view an animated tour of the final house.

In more detail: The project started with increasingly detailed sketches. These sketches were based off of reference pictures of various craftsman houses. It went from 12 quarter page sketches -> 8 half page sketches -> 4 full page sketches and finally some Photoshop sketches.

The 3D model was made in SketchUp Make 2017. I had used the program prior to this project but had never made anything of this magnitude before. I started with the floorplan and went from there. I worked both during and outside of class. Before I knew it I had a full 3D house. I poured far more effort into the 3D model than the sketches because that’s where I knew I could excel. The 3D house also ended up looking nothing like any of the sketches most likely because it had so many more specific requirements. Below you can look through other images of this project including sketches, screenshots, and more!

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