Visit the following link if you are not already familiar with the FIRST organization or FRC:

Every FRC team has to have a pit when they compete. A pit is a team’s designated area to work on the robot during competitions. All they provide you with when you get to a competition is a plastic folding table so teams must get creative with bringing their own pit to the competition.

I wasn’t on the Bosco Tech FRC team at this time per se but in my tech class, IDEA (Integrated Design, Engineering, and Art), the home of the Bosco Tech FRC team, we were tasked with creating our own pit designs to provide the team with ideas of what features may be added to the already existing one. I worked alone and got to it. I don’t remember many more details than that. However, I was able to recover the original 3D file so you can see some more images of that below!

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