F4 CADATHON 8 (2019)

If you aren’t familiar with what a CADathon is, it’s basically a competition in which several teams or individuals compete to design something in CAD in a short period of time. In the case of the F4 CADathon it was to design a full FRC robot in just 3 days. It was my first time ever participating in a CADathon so I just did it by myself to see what it was all about. The robot I designed was essentially just a custom mecanum drivetrain but it was a robot nonetheless. I was only able to design the drive base of the robot because my laptop at the time literally couldn’t handle anymore than that. This was also the first time I had ever designed a custom gearbox so I was happy with that. I guess it’s fine for just 3 days though I wish my laptop could have done better. Below are closeups of some of the individual parts I made for this robot and as well as some more SolidWorks renders.

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