F4 CADATHON 9 (2020)

If you aren’t familiar with what a CADathon is, it’s basically a competition in which several teams or individuals compete to design something in CAD in a short period of time. In the case of the biannual F4 CADathon it was to design a full FRC robot in just a week (Usually 3 days but was extended due to the virus). This time I chose to work on a random team of three people. One guy from Texas and one guy from the east coast. The goal for the robot this time around was for it to pick up and shoot footballs as well as pick up and place weights. I worked on the full football system leaving the rest of the robot for the other two guys. I also did the finishing touches (rendering and making sure everything looked nice) We all used SolidWorks for everything.

Everything I Made For the Robot in SolidWorks (above)

The team had decided to make everything with sheet metal. This was my first time using sheet metal in SolidWorks. After having made a prototype of the football system, I moved onto the final design. It was very important that everyone’s work fit together properly on the robot so we used GrabCAD to organize our files and it worked out great. Since this robot design didn’t need to be manufactured (still must be somewhat feasible), I got carried away with designing certain things such as the transmission systems and the sheet metal parts. In the indexing system, 11 axis are driven by one motor. The drive system and the lift were both pre-built before the CADathon. Pre-built parts are allowed so long as they are publicly available. I created all the parts I used (excluding COTS items). Below is a gallery of more pictures of the CAD!

2 thoughts on “F4 CADATHON 9 (2020)

    1. Wasn’t designed to be built IRL, the CADathon challenge only requires for the bot to be made in CAD, though, to make a good bot the design is somewhat intended to function IRL. I would expect most of the bot to work as intended if ever built.


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