There are enough articles already describing what we did so I’m just going to go over this briefly. It all started when one of my instructors reached out to me for help with designing a face shield. I agreed to help since at the time I had nothing better to do. While I was making designs in SolidWorks, there were others in the technology department at the school prototyping other designs. We worked together in that I would send over a design, they would make it and test it then tell me what modifications I had to make, I would, then the cycle repeats.

From what I’ve seen and heard, the face shield we ended up designing was far superior to most if not all other common designs. The main thing that separated it from others is that it had overhead protection, greater reusability, and overall higher quality. This is mostly thanks to the means of manufacturing we had at Bosco Tech (CNC Router, full machine shop, and voluntary student labor). It was quite a successful project and we ended up donating hundreds upon hundreds of quality face shields. Below are some articles and general media of the 2020 face shield project at Bosco Tech!

Bosco Tech Students are Using Technology Skills to Help Medical Professionals

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