This is the project which replaced the Streamlined Architecture Project . I worked with my friend, Maverick, on this project. His family owns a production rental company (Skye Rentals) and they were in need of a better and more affordable Vanity Station to rent out to their customers so we were given the task of designing and building one.

Everything was done in SolidWorks. We started by making a basic design for the vanity station along with some animations just to get a feel for it. I did all of the CAD and animations. Maverick was more in charge of coming up with or getting ideas for features the vanity station would have and manufacturing. After that we made a second design which could be collapsed vertically for storage and had five doors in which you could store things. The second design was unnecessarily complicated and didn’t even have all the features Skye Rentals was looking for so the final design was made simple.

Similar to the first design, the final design rotated around an axis to open and close. We also replaced the storage features of the second design with shelving and open aluminum cups inside the tabletop which proved to be more practical. The final design was also much larger than the other two.

When building the final design I made the SOLIDWORKS drawings for cutting out the wood and wired the electronics for the outlets and light switch as well as some of the wood manufacturing. Maverick did most of the wood manufacturing and assembly as well as the wiring for the lights. As the 2020 FRC season approached I spent less and less time on this project. Then once the season started up again the project was put on hold (Maverick was also on the FRC team). The virus delayed this project even further back. Since then, many more vanity stations have been built, rented out, and even sold. Below is a gallery of pictures throughout the project as well as the two animations I made for the first basic design!


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