Battlebots Prototyping (2021)

I had been thinking of designing my own Battlebot for a while and in January of 2021 I finally got to it. This post covers the first prototype design from conception to testing as well as plans for the future of this Battlebots design.

Above, is a video of mine which shows some of the background as to how I came up with the design but mostly highlights the testing process.

My top criteria for determining the kind of design I wanted my robot to have were originality, versatility, and destruction. The “hammer saw” is among the rarest types of battlebot designs while also being one of the most effective. On top of that I also see a lot of untapped potential for the design. The weapon arm doubling as a self-righter is about the only versatile element of the first prototype but I still have many additional features planned for future designs. I wanted to make the spinner as large as possible to get as much destruction as possible. When scaled up to a 250lb robot, the diameter of my weapon may be up to 2 ft. in diameter, which is larger than all the “hammer saw” designs I’ve seen in Battlebots.

The design was as bare bones as possible. All I wanted for this prototype was system functionality and proof of concept. The robot did break itself multiple times but I learned what was needed to move forward with the design.

The next prototype design, DOOM MK.2 (I decided on the name DOOM after the first prototype), is complete and can be found here:

The goal of this project is to eventually enter Battlebots with a one of a kind killing machine.

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