Freelancing (Since 2020)

I’ve taken on freelancing since 2020. Each featured job has a section with details accompanied with a gallery, the amount of time the job was completed in, and the difficulty of the job from a scale of 1-10 (lower being easier). If you or someone you know is at all interested in my services, feel free to visit the following webpage:

Another thing to note is that not all of these jobs are official work. Some of them are simply favors, however, all jobs on this page were treated the same as if they were serious contracting work.

Oscilloscope Accessories (2021)

There were two accessories I had to make for the customer’s oscilloscope. The first one was a new cover for the interface of the oscilloscope. He needed it to fit snugly as well as have a quick and effective locking feature to stay secure as well be easily taken off when intended. He provided the oscilloscope itself as well as an example of a cover of another oscilloscope. After some back and forth (prototyping included) I opted for a spring-loaded latch rather than the traditional deforming tab. I designed and manufactured it myself. I 3D printed the cover sectors, assembled them along with the latches, and finished it with a weatherproof coating. I went out of my way to make the spring-loaded mechanism work and in fact it worked better than the deforming tabs. It was easier to put on and take off while also being secure enough to hold itself in place even under excessive loads from all angles. The customer was satisfied with the new cover. The second accessory was easy. It was just a pair of new stands for the bottom of the oscilloscope that I designed and 3D printed. The customer was also satisfied with the stands.

This job was completed in a short amount of time over the course of two weeks (due to 3D printing time, adhesive drying time, weatherproof coating drying time, and in-person scheduling conflicts). I rate this job a 2/10 for difficulty.

3D Printed RV Ladder Attachment (2021)

This was an attachment that would be fitted to a standard size of ladder and hold a standard size of boat paddle from itself which will then act as a sort of a drying rack for clothes and such. The customer provided me with parameters for the design to work around and a rough idea of what the design should look like. After some back and forth the second design I provided worked. Once this second design was proven to work (3D printed the design and fitted it) the customer requested two more modified designs to fit two different standard sizes and I delivered. The 3D printed designs worked optimally and the customer was satisfied.

This job was completed in a short amount of time over the course of a week (due to scheduling conflicts for in person collaboration and 3D printing time). I rate this job a 1/10 for difficulty on my part.

RV Awning Bracket (2020)

The first freelancing job I did worth mentioning was this bracket for a trailer awning. The previous bracket had broken so the customer needed a design for a stronger one. They provided a sketch with the dimensions that the bracket had to fit as well as some ideas for what to improve. After some back and forth, the second 3D design I provided was sufficient and the customer was satisfied.

This job was completed in less than a day. I rate this job a 1/10 for difficulty on my part.

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