DOOM – Battlebots Prototype MK.2 (2021)

After having tested everything I needed to test with the first prototype, , I designed a second one to further develop the design.

I also took it upon myself to create an animation for the MK.2 prototype design.

I’ve finally given a name to this robot: “DOOM”

Technical Description (MK.2-0)

I learned many things from the designing, building, and testing of the first prototype: The first one was for functionality and proof of concept; this one, in addition to being functional, resembles the aesthetics of DOOM. One important thing to note is that MK.2 is fully 3D printed and all the components are designed to be 3D printed.

Weapon System

I designed MK.2 around the weapon system. It features a large diameter vertically spinning weapon on the end of a fast moving arm. A 35kg torque servo motor on the end of a 1:3 gear ratio (for speed) controls the arm while a high power 4s motor mounted to the arm spins the weapon through a belt transmission. I’m not sure how well it’ll hold up but that’s why I test these things. My guess is that the weapon arm won’t be very stable at first but I do already have many ideas of how to improve the arm. Such as a mechanical oscillator for the arm (example:


The drivetrain is simple. Nothing to see here but a 4WD driven by two geared brushed motors.

Plate Armor

The armor on DOOM MK.2 is divided into a mosaic of 19 angled plates. This allows for modularity, reparability, and attack deflection superior to that of many other designs.

More details in the video:

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