GradBot 2.0 (2021)

The 2020 Graduation Robot was a success and people liked it so much that they wanted to use it every year moving forward with or without the virus. I alone was tasked with getting the robot together for the 2021 graduation.

View Gradbot 2.0 in action from 52:32 – 1:15:24

Even though the 2020 graduation robot worked great, it still had several significant issues. It was attached to the 2020 FRC robot (which we needed for other things), it was overcomplicated to start up and operate and wasn’t as safe as it should’ve been. This is why I opted to remake the Graduation Robot from the ground up. Over the course of a few weeks I designed, built, and tested the Gradbot 2.0.

Technical Description

I made the Gradbot 2.0 to be simple, safe, and presentable. The electronics and controls were simplified to a conventional RC hobby system, the arm was mechanically only able to move within a limited area, the turret has a lot of give, and it is more presentable as the official Bosco Tech graduation robot. I did all the design work, almost all the manufacturing, and all the electronics.

The turret can rotate a full 360 Degrees back and forth without any problems. It is constructed with two pieces of inch thick polypropylene and a 1/4 inch aluminum plate for rigidity. It is driven by a single 775 Motor behind a high reduction Vex Pro gearbox. The turret can do a full rotation in less than a second.

The arm is designed to be as safe and durable as possible within reason. It mechanically oscillates at the set maximum point of extension. The arm joint which the diploma holder is attached to is kept level with a steel cable. The arm itself is constructed of steel square tubing, bronze bushings, nuts, and bolts. There is a simple animation of how the arm moves below.

This robot will now be used as the official Bosco Tech graduation robot for years to come..

Gradbot hands out diplomas at 2022 graduation from 1:47:25 – 2:03:45

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