This is the first design/engineering related thing I did at Cal Poly Pomona worth mentioning. The project was just for my intro to engineering lab class and it was to make a 3D model of some item in your house then make the drawings for it. I chose to make the floor lamp I have in my room in SolidWorks. I could have just done the light bulb and turned that in for full credit but I wanted to have some fun so I made the whole lamp piece by piece. I did it all in a night (measuring, modeling, drafting, rendering). I might have spent an unnecessary amount of time on measuring. I wanted it to be very accurate so the tolerance of the 3D model to the real object is ±0.005 in. Note: I only modeled what was visible on the outside of the lamp. Below is a gallery of all the drawings, individual 3D parts, and more renders!

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